Aug. 1st, 2009 09:33 pm
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Told someone they could stalk me here, so thought I ought to post occasionally.

Okay, so I applied for the math job and got one of the positions (not the one with high-risk kids -- I think I came off as too unstructured for that, which is probably true). Will be teaching Algebra I.

Have made trip to Boston, DC, Pennsic, am currently nobly resisting the urge to just open up the bag of cat food for Norineko and drive the 6 hours back. Among other things, nothing feeds the ego like Pennsic.

Got a house -- rental, not owned, but still exciting. Have loved being rent-free, but will also love living closer to (in!) town, shorter commute, living by self. Hooray.

Been playing Final Fantasy VII again but got sidetracked because I found Fallout I & II for $20. Must go back and play, or possibly pack.

End transmission
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...and not much to say now. Suffice to say, things are not as bad as I'd worried, although medically there's still some finger-crossing to be done. Work-wise, the kids are good beyond belief, although I do have one failing student. Wait, rewind. Let me just repeat that: I have ONE failing student. No one else is below a C. It's... kind of freakish.

So yeah, I hope one day to catch up to myself and post stuff, but, alas, not yet.
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Er, on Tuesday. Been feeling a little lazy.

Well, I say lazy. I really mean overwhelmed. I've got a job as a long-term sub teaching drafting and engineering -- two things I know nothing about -- until they find someone who's actually qualified. I got fingerprinted this morning. I need to find a car and a dresser sometime in the next week.

The cat's settling in quite well. She's tried her claws on the couch once or twice, but we got her a scratching post and so far she seems to be focusing on that instead.

What else should I do? Bank account, I suppose. Driver's license. Have to do licensing stuff.

Overheard just now: "If there is global warming, which I'm not sure about..." Coffee shop workers arguing with customer about it.


Aug. 6th, 2007 09:07 am
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Friday night: Super 8 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Saturday: Red Roof Inn in Des Moines.
Sunday: Days Inn in Richmond, Indiana.
Tonight: Mom's place in Ohio.
Tomorrow: Virginia.

Er, nothing much to say at the moment -- I have to go check out. Will update when possible. Drive's been good. Bastet will clearly miss the traveling.
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I'm at a Best Western in Coalville, Utah. On the one hand, I'm glad I got past Salt Lake City tonight -- on the other, I wish I'd waited for daytime to tackle those hills and curves between SLC and here! I think time will not allow the side trip through Medicine Bow National Forest I enjoyed so much last year. Unless... well, we'll see.

My rough plan is North Platte, Nebraska Friday night; Iowa City Saturday night; Ann Arbor Sunday; my mother's place Monday; and Virginia on Tuesday. I wish I could speed things up a bit, since I'll get to Ann Arbor too late on Sunday to see anybody, but there you are. Maybe I'll make better time tomorrow since I won't be spending an hour looking for AAA and the Radio Shack. On the other hand, I'll make worse time if I don't get to sleep! This losing an hour every day thing is going to be tricky.

I got my own picture of this thing this time (since I knew it was coming), but got to the Great Salt Lake too late for pictures. Otherwise, it was a lot like this post in reverse, only without the Red Elvises. I chuckled at "Deeth/Starr Valley" again. Bastet was, once again, a gem. She's lying on the table staring at me right now, for no discernable reason, but she hasn't bitten me once since we started this trip.

Okay, I'm off to bed.
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Despite getting a rental car which was much smaller than expected, necessitating my leaving a lot of stuff behind, I made it to Reno and am now in the same hotel -- maybe even in the same room -- as I was when I wrote this post. Also, I'm pretty sure the same guy was working the counter (I remember, because when I gave him my credit card information he said, "Awesome.").

No major problems once the obvious space issue was worked out. AcrosstheHall!Teacher and her friend and their dogs and [livejournal.com profile] hecubot and his son helped out and I actually did leave the city, despite shaky protestations that it would never work, I have too much stuff, I've screwed up the whole thing, and I should just take my cat and go live in a cardboard box. I maybe should have gotten more sleep.

I did, however, get pictures of [livejournal.com profile] e_juliana with AtH!Teacher at Sodini's, my cat with the two dogs (she's hissing), and Eric and Jay at the convenience store across the street (they gave me a tiny bottle of champagne!). I may post them pretty soon, assuming I can track down the upload cord in my mess of cables.
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God, I hate packing. HATE IT. Which makes sense, because I'm BAD at it. I'm constantly packing things and then thinking, "Well, I did that totally wrong. Way to waste time!" Also, I didn't realize how hard it would be to do all this without a car. I have lots of boxes to mail in advance, but no good way to get them to the post office (actually, the really difficult part of getting them to the post office is finding parking close enough); clothes to give away, but no good way to get them to where they need to go; and other stuff I'm sure I need to do, but... you get the drill.

Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck. Well, I've listed the furniture I need to get rid of and four Nene Thomas prints on Freecycle. I'm nearly down to the irritating odds-and-ends phase, though not quite. ARRRRGH.

Oh, and I have a full 28-pound bucket of cat litter. I bought it before I knew I'd be moving so soon. I can't just get rid of it -- I will use it, after all, and that stuff's not so cheap -- but what a ridiculous thing to have to pack!
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When you see this, post a couple of quotations from your own favorite writers. These should be people you read over and over again, not people who had one great idea; go ahead and do it from memory, mistakes and all.

With the exception of some poetry ("I, being born a woman, and oppressed") I don't really memorize quotations so much, but here are a couple as best as I remember them (and I probably would go look them up, except they're still in boxes):

"They were nothing more than people by themselves. Even two of them, any two, would be only people. But together..." - Keri Hulme, The Bone People, ellipsis mine because I can't remember what they were together!

"Sin's when you treat people like things." - Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum (Okay, "And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.")

“Susan was sensible. It was, she knew, a major character flaw. It did not make you popular, or cheerful, and -– this seemed to her to be the most unfair bit –- it didn’t even make you right.“ - Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

Eh. I know I've got tons of them, but my brain isn't organized enough to let me pull them out when I want them.
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So I'm not going. Which is okay, I just needed some time for it to sink into my head that I'm not sure I can pay September rent even WITHOUT figuring out how to get to Western Pennsylvania, buying fabric, making new garb, and quite possibly buying new camping supplies. And I do like having a place to live.

So, sorry about all the kerfuffle about getting my stuff out (vw, I was not feeling pressured, but I do feel a bit bad about leaving it there all this time). And I really do miss you guys. Clearly, you folks should come visit. Sure, it'd be more cost-efficient for me to come there, but I'm the one who has a small country's GDP worth of student loan debt hanging over my head.

Next year in Slippery Rock.
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Okay. Looks like I'm going.


Anyone in Massachusetts coming to Pennsic and have room for some supplies (say, a tent, camping chair, and a tub or two of garb)? I could (gulp) pay you.

Thinking of going down to Fat Chance Belly Dance for some dance practice. Maybe I'll make some new garb. Yeah, because I SO need something new to spend money on!
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Do I want to go? How would I get there? Can I possibly afford it? What do I do about garb? What do I do about the fact that all my camping gear is in a basement in Massachusetts? Did I really just forget how to spell Massachusetts? Oh, the humanity!
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Brief life update: I'm kinda burned out (as in, I'm starting to think, "How long until the end of the school year?") but still showing up. It's becoming clear that the kids haven't really learned anything at all in my math classes since the beginning of the year. And I have about four weeks of teaching time until the state tests, which so far as I can see the kids have no motivation to do well on. Eh. Anyway.

In other news, I've been looking at that crush meme and thinking, huh. Dorky, but kind of tempting, in an ego-soothing way. And then I think, ooh, and then if nobody clicked it? Ouch. So, none of that.

I'm taking my sneezy, coughy self back to grading now, but -- ooh! Looking for suggestions on what to do for spring break.
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School has been... well, it's middle school. What do you want? I just graded the most recent quiz and have realized that they haven't been listening to a single word I've said for the past week at least. Great.

Starting tomorrow my most difficult class should be cut in half, with the most disruptive students gone to another (more experienced) teacher. I really hope she convinces them to cut the bullshit, because almost nobody in that class was getting anything done. I think I need to spend tomorrow laying down the law to the students that are left -- which is just FANTASTIC, since goodness knows there's plenty of time in the pacing guide for behavior modification and going over classroom expectations. Oh yeah, and the fact that we're already three weeks behind and it looks like they weren't paying any attention to the entire last chapter? No problem.

Leeetle bit frustrated. Had a good last period Friday, though (they did the worksheet! Pathetic to be excited about that, but I'll take what I can get) so am feeling not as defeated as has sometimes been the case.

Back to the grading grindstone.
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And when am I supposed to sleep?
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A simpler way to save: the 60% solution

"By limiting all essential spending to 60% of total income, savings will soar."

Did I mention I just found an apartment in San Francisco? Can't... breathe... laughing... too... hard...
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I did my student teaching and degree in high school math, but have just gotten a job teaching middle school math/science, starting in a week. Is there any advice people can offer about how middle school differs from high school, what works differently, what's worked for you, or just general stuff? The school is entirely aware that my background is different, so they'll be supportive, but any advice people have to offer will be great.

(Have cross-posted more than I generally prefer to do, but there you are -- I'm quite nervous.)
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Almost stayed at the Circus Circus -- there's a fantastic Sun-Thur rate -- but they don't allow pets in the rooms, only in kennels (who says, "Oh, let's take the animal with us on vacation and leave it in a cage with lots of strange animals"?). Maybe someday I can come back without the cat. Nah, never mind. The cat's the best part about this trip.

First thing: managed to successfully sneak my cat out of the hotel. Whew!
  • Salt Lake City: smoggy.
  • Salt Lake: astounding. Also smelly.
  • Salt flats: bizarre.

Strange Things of the Day:
  • Strange Thing The First: this. Pretty cool, actually.
  • A van carrying, apparently, the Red Elvises ("Kick-Ass Rock n Roll from Siberia!")
  • I didn't get a picture (my camera battery died, and my phone camera isn't powerful enough) but fortunately somebody else did (many other people, apparently): "Deeth Starr Valley"

Pretty much it for today, as I'm wicked tired. Nevada was a very long drive. Pretty, but kind of desolate. I wanted to go to the Thunder Mountain Monument, but by the time I got to Winnemucca I was already pretty exhausted and still had three hours to go. Maybe I'll come back sometime.
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Keep forgetting what state I'm in. Yesterday's highlights:

Er, there really wasn't much going on in Iowa and Nebraska. According to a guy in York, Nebraska, who claims to know (his reaction to my going to San Francisco was "been there, done that," which raises the question of why he's spending his adult life working at the Arby's in York, Nebraska, but whatever), I could be in California today. Go ahead. Map it.

Off I go -- thinking of taking a scenic drive in Wyoming today, but only if I get out of here!
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