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School has been... well, it's middle school. What do you want? I just graded the most recent quiz and have realized that they haven't been listening to a single word I've said for the past week at least. Great.

Starting tomorrow my most difficult class should be cut in half, with the most disruptive students gone to another (more experienced) teacher. I really hope she convinces them to cut the bullshit, because almost nobody in that class was getting anything done. I think I need to spend tomorrow laying down the law to the students that are left -- which is just FANTASTIC, since goodness knows there's plenty of time in the pacing guide for behavior modification and going over classroom expectations. Oh yeah, and the fact that we're already three weeks behind and it looks like they weren't paying any attention to the entire last chapter? No problem.

Leeetle bit frustrated. Had a good last period Friday, though (they did the worksheet! Pathetic to be excited about that, but I'll take what I can get) so am feeling not as defeated as has sometimes been the case.

Back to the grading grindstone.
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And when am I supposed to sleep?


Jan. 26th, 2006 09:48 pm
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Got a call from the Field Placement person at 6:45 tonight with the name and cell number of a principal to call tomorrow morning to talk about starting student teaching Monday. Cross your fingers.

(Well, actually two numbers -- apparently she can't tell if the number she wrote down is a 3 or a 9 and I should try both. Grrreat.)

(I can't shake this feeling -- call the principal? Horrors! But the principal is only for if you've done something really bad! One of these days I'll start seeing school less from the student's-eye view, right?)
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The field placement woman finally called me to say they were still working on things, no problem, they'd let me know when things were finalized, I would almost certainly be going to Randolph. Which is just as far away from the city (and thus from public transportation) as the last place (Lawrence) I nixed because I didn't have a car. Apparently the note that I needed someplace on the T didn't get very far last time. So they'll try to find another school. I mean, I could take the commuter rail -- it's only about a mile from the station -- but it is, let us say, not an ideal situation.

But at least I have some idea what's going on. Be nice if they could have gotten in touch with me sometime in the last freaking month, but at least I'm not supposed to be doing anything. I like not doing anything.

Also! I got two scholarships for this semester -- one for 500, one for 4500. I think they'll just take the place of my loan money, but still -- go me!


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