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1. "Won't you come with me," she said,
"there's plenty of room in my iron bed
You're looking cold and tired
and more than a little human"

2. "I wear clean white socks,
And shiny black patent leather shoes,
And I always put just a dab of perfume behind each ear."

3. twiggy no mini skirt de
twiggy mitai na pose de
twiggy no mini skirt de
twiggy mitai ni yassepochi no watashi

4. I'm from the land where you still hear the cries,
I had to get out, had to sever all ties,
I changed my name and assumed a disguise

5. Scientists have found that the sun is a huge atom-smashing machine. The heat and light of the sun come from the nuclear reactions of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and helium.

6. Don't you remember
All the silly things we used to do
The way we laughed
When we were photographed
As Handsome Hat and his ten-timing gal

7. Embrace this night of power
Kneel beside me take my hand
Strip before the altar
Let’s test the blood of our command

8. There's gifts for all the family.
There's toiletries and trains.
There's Sony Walkman Headphone sets
And the latest video games.

9. Though related to a peer,
I can hand, reef, and steer,
And ship a selvagee;
I am never known to quail
At the furry of a gale,
And I'm never, never sick at sea!

10. If I take you home
Just for one night
We'll see how it goes
Candlelit room
Kill all the lights
We'll drink some wine

11. I went down to the alley way
Sierra la Bonita
And found that you were gone
Si nunca te fueras
You left no word no message
I still don't know exactly what went wrong
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